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Aaron Garland

PHONE: (540) 798-8431

FAX: (540) 300-2407



Sales Associate


Aaron has years of experience as a real estate investor and developer and will continue to manage and develop a portfolio of properties along with his family as part of Garland Properties LLC, which he founded in 2012. Aaron's expertise and focus has been on the redevelopment and management of historic properties in Downtown Roanoke and the surrounding nieghborhoods as mixed use buildings that include apartments and commercial spaces. Projects Aaron has been involved with include 16 West Marketplace (16 Church Ave SW, formerly The SW Cafeteria and the Downtown Athletic Center), The Aurora (110 Campbell Ave SW, formerly Leggett's Department Store), and many other notable projects. Aaron is a native of Roanoke with a bachelor degree from Radford University in Recreation Parks and Tourism. He formerly worked in the outdoor recreation industry and in bike advocacy and has carried his passion for active life style into his real estate career seeking to build livable communities. He is a board member for the Mountain Neighborhood Association and is involved in several community oriented activities including performing as a stilt walker with Miss Kitty's Society for Wayward Cosmonauts and driving a reproduction of the Cactus Joe Choo Choo for Downtown Roanoke events. He currently lives in Roanoke City with his wife and two daughters.