Hall Associates, Inc. Association Management Division is a portfolio management company, currently managing 19 associations and approximately 1100 units,including condominiums, townhomes, single-family homes and mixed-use commercial and residential associations. The vast diversity of Hallís experience in the real estate industry led us to the expansion and natural progression into community association management in January 2006. We are committed to putting forth all of our resources into excelling in this area. Our team currently manages associations in the City of Salem, City of Roanoke, Roanoke County, Campbell County and the City of Lynchburg.

Our management staff has over 30 years of combined experience in managing property, fielding maintenance requests/complaints, contacting and overseeing vendors to ensure work is completed correctly and in a timely manner, reviewing and coding invoices for processing, reviewing monthly financial statements to distribute to owners and communicating with property owners to provide the highest level of service. Chrissy Greene, Vice President of Association Management, has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication from Virginia Tech and has been with Hall Associates for over 19 years. Through the completion of educational courses, years of certified experience and successful completion of exams, Chrissy has earned the Certified Manager of Community Associations (CMCA) and Association Management Specialist (AMS) designations and the Professional Community Association Manager designation (PCAM). Chrissy holds an inactive Virginia Real Estate license and is serving on the Membership Committee for the Southwest Virginia Regional Council of the Central Virginia chapter of Community Associations Institute. Nikki Pritt, Association Manager, attended Mary Baldwin College to study Communication and Business, and has been with Hall Associates for over 10 years. Nikki has also successfully earned her Certified Manager of Community Associations (CMCA) designation and the Association Management Specialist (AMS) designation. Hall Associates is licensed as a standard common interest community management company based on meeting the criteria set forth by the Common Interest Community Board and Commonwealth of Virginia.

Our accounting staff has over 60 years of combined experience in establishing bank accounts, reconciling bank statements, processing payments and invoices, maintaining insurance certificates for vendors and/or contractors, preparing monthly cash flow, balance and budget reports and many other accounting related functions.

The same software program is capable of maintaining multiple bank accounts for the same UOA/HOA.  If for example, the association has a general fund, as well as a reserve fund and/or catastrophe fund, multiple financial reports can be produced to show the various account debits, credits and balances.  The system is also designed to set up a budget for the property and run budget comparisons between projected and actual figures on each month, as well as year-to-date.