Western Virginia Governmental Information:

Virginia cities and counties operate as separate governmental units. Roanoke, Craig, Franklin and Botetourt Counties each employ a county administrator and have an elected board of supervisors. Vinton is an incorporated town within Roanoke County. Roanoke and Salem are independent cities. Vinton, Roanoke and Salem have the manager-council form of government, with a mayor serving as chair of the council. The governing body of each form of government is elected by the people. For general information and referral, call:

  • Roanoke City (540) 853-200

  • Salem City (540) 375-3000
  • Roanoke County (540) 772-2006
  • Vinton (540) 983-0605
  • Botetourt County (540) 473-8220
  • Craig County (540) 864-5010
  • Franklin County (540) 483-3030

Information provided by the Roanoke Regional Chamber of Commerce.

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